Be prepared to be expansive!
In this series of four workshops, we will explore ways to
use creativity and writing to fill a journal with your
colorful life.
Each class will begin with a centering activity with time
devoted to playing with new creative art techniques in
paint and multimedia.
You will learn how to create interesting foundation
pages, add dimension and texture, and fill them with
imagery and text. Everyone has something unique to
share with the world. We are just expressing it in a
journal, thatís all! Art is an act of self-devotion and self-
love. Unfold.
There are no special tools needed. You are the special
tool. All you need is a spiral bound journal, and to
register today!  Classes are $30 each, or register for all
four at $100. Class is held every third Thursday at Veer
Health and Wellness Center. They will run February
through May from 7-8:30 PM.
About the Artist